Stylized Human Buildings – Published By N-hance Studio

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Environment, Human, RPG, lowpoly, Props, Fantasy, Stylized, Cartoon, Medieval, handpainted, 3d environment

Short Description:

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This package is in early access, with a huge discount.


  • Stable/Shed
  • Modular Parts
  • More tiles variations
  • Barracks


  • Some modular parts will be added in the update!
  • A small separated tower is just decorations without a room.
  • Other buildings can be entered, and you can enter them with characters no higher than 2 meters.
  • Everything is on tiles, so you can easily change the texture to another one.
  • Additional textures for more variations are included, feel free to use them.

Various color materials for wide customization are included!

7 Stylized Buildings:


  • Barn
  • House
  • Inn
  • Mage Tower
  • Town Hall
  • Town Hall Tower
  • Windmill

2 Additional Assets:

  • Door
  • Campfire

Stylized Material:

  • 43 Hand-painted Diffuse Maps
  • 35 Normal Maps
  • 3 Emissive Maps
  • 2 Specular Maps
  • 2 AO Maps

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