⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stylized Fantasy Weapons Pack – Published By N-hance Studio

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dagger, Weapon, sword, RPG, lowpoly, Character, Fantasy, Shield, Stylized, rogue, combat, warrior, MMO, axe

Short Description:

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You can test free weapons HERE

Various color materials for wide customization are included!


42 Stylized Weapons:


-6 One-handed Axes

-6 Two-handed Axes

-1 One-handed Mallet

-3 Two-handed Hammers

-9 Shields

-6 Staves

-5 One-handed Swords

-6 Two-handed Swords

PBR Stylized Material:

-120 Hand-painted Diffuse Maps(Plus 18 Diffuse maps for Mobile shaders)

-40 Normal Maps

-63 Emissive Maps

Create your own style with:

-3 Base colors

-3 Emissive colors for each weapon color (Not every weapon)


Render Pipeline: Built-In

Rigged: No

Animated: No

Number of Static Meshes: 42

Vertex Count(Total): 50,274

Triangle Count(Total): 97,829

Number of Textures: 241

Texture Resolutions: 512×512, 512×1024, 1024×1024

Number of Materials: 240 (120 PC shaders & 120 Mobile shaders)

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