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Medieval, Environment, lowpoly, quality, Multistory, stronghold, castle, Fantasy, town, village

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Asset Title: Stronghold Village

Publisher: Daelonik Artworks

Category: 3d, environments, fantasy

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This is an environment pack meant to build strongholds, castles & medieval villages.

With near 2000 prefabs and a big bunch of assets you can build your fortified town with basics or advanced prefabs depending on the customization level desired. With the texture & material libraries you can modify the lookup of the pieces to make them fit the best with your game lookup.

The pack comes with a big “Props & Decoration” library including wood trunks, carpets, fabric, flags, frames, furniture, containers, barrels, libraries, boxes, piles, sacks, lighting assets, vessels, weapons, shields, books, tools, particle effects, and more.

Also included tiled streets & walls to work easily creating the city floor and set of grid-fit house building assets.

There are some free content included in the pack (some nature assets from Essential Terrain Pack, texture libraries, shader libraries & Top/Down control scripts, and others).

With the Stronghold Pack library of assets and using the free additional content you can build a playable Top/Down or FPS style level like the demo scene included in the pack.

If you want to know more about this pack check out the upper “Extended Info” link.

Pipeline conversion for URP / HDRP [TUTORIAL HERE]

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