⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ SciFi Space Station Heavy – Published By Daelonik Artworks

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high tech, Environment, space opera, space station, space, industrial, Sci-Fi, FPS, Futuristic, science fiction, Top Down

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Asset Title: SciFi Space Station Heavy

Publisher: Daelonik Artworks

Category: 3d, environments, sci-fi

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Space, the last frontier, might be closer for your game using this Heavy Space Station where you will find tons of highly customizable prefabs to build your own modular space station. Designed to work for every kind of game (FPS, 3rdPerson, Top Down) all pieces are suitable for exterior and also interiors. Including many details for decoration as long as bunch of technological artifacts to spice up the result. The main demo includes multiple zones like hangar, control center, hybernation chambers, laboratories, ia center, etc. Craft your own space station or check the included demoscene. All pack uses 2k/4k high quality textures and hdr/pbr materials. Standard materials easy conversion for URP or HDRP.

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Pipeline conversion for URP / HDRP [TUTORIAL HERE]

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