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Future, cyberpunk, Sci-Fi, cyber, City, Scifi, town, neon, Modular, Science, FPS, Futuristic, Top Down

Short Description:

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Neon City brings to you the ability for creating a complex cyberpunk style city using basic prefabs (grid snap ready) or premade modular blocks depending on your customization request. Also with a high quality texture library using multimaterials you are able to customize the lookup of your city according to your needs. Includes lots of street details (lighting, street furniture, pipes, fences, fire stairs, etc.) to give your environment a believeable ambience. Finally using customizable building prefabs you can design the skyline of your city with cool skyscrapers. Asset ready for interior & exteriors both top/down or fps-3rd person camera.

Check out [ASSET INFO] link above for extended info.

Pipeline conversion for URP / HDRP [TUTORIAL HERE]

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