⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Race Track Generator – Published By MasterPixel3D

Create Race Tracks for your games in a few seconds with Race Track Generator

WebGL Demo
WebGL Demo
WebGL Demo
Download apk for Android
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Ready to use:
Tracks are genereted with Buildings, grandstands, trees, stones, posters, flags, fences, background, and more.

Tracks are genereted with colliders. The colliders are separated (Asphalt, grass, fences)

Easy to add or modify materials for asphalt, grass, trees etc.

If you want you can add your 3d models (bleachers, buildings, trees, etc.) or third-party models

Texture Atlas and low Draw Calls

Includes Mesh Combiner in just one click

Includes Minimap System:
Includes Minimap prefab, ready to use. More Info

RTG 1.3.5 – New features:
– Now with more variations
– Now with slopes
– Waypoints are automatically generated

Included models:
19 Grand Stands with audience
34 Buildings
Realistic and lowpoly Trees
Advertising boards (with PSD editable)
Footbridges, barriers, flags, etc.

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