Polyquest Heroes Vol.2 Dude I Biker – Published By POLYBOX

“POLYQUEST HEROES” is the second volume of the


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Short Description:

“POLYQUEST HEROES” is the second volume of the “POLYQUEST” series, a high quality modular, light & versatile family of high-end low-poly assets. Combining both high production value & presenting a complete solution, “POLYQUEST” is simply a must have toolkit for productions involving any kind of stylized visuals.

“POLYQUEST HEROES” is a series of iconic characters representing the main archetypes of the “Hero” in popular culture, whether in films, games, stories,VR or any other form of contemporary story-telling medium.

Each title in this line of signature characters offers a world of possibilities in itself. We didn’t want to make characters just for the sake of producing characters, we actually wanted to develop a new generation of characters acting as your main source of inspiration so you can imagine new rich worlds, create compelling stories, develop inspiring games, experiences and films.

“DUDE I BIKER” is the first chapter in this series, offering something unique and never seen before in terms of design and aesthetics. Whether it’s your main protagonist, antagonist or any other character in your game, film or VR experience, both the “DUDE” and “BIKER” characters offer you a wide variety of versions with endless possibilities so you can select the best fit for your project.

These powerful, truthful and forward-thinking AAA digital characters are fully customizable, skinned, rigged with facial expressions and are ready for posing and animation. We approached character and costume designs just like in film production so that they are unique but still powerfully versatile since everyone needs to use them in their own unique way. Choose or make your own unique versions through facial expressions, poses, materials, colors, textures, motifs and lighting.

You can also toggle On or Off all weapons, attachments & accessories. We played around quiet a bit with these characters before releasing them and discovered that possibilities are just endless with them, as you can see in the screenshots.

Since we believe that the environment is no more than the extension of the character living in it, we decided to include more than 20 fully equipped examples scenes with different versions of the characters performing various actions in diverse situations containing different worlds, environment assets, cameras, layout, lighting, FX and post-processing.

*** All motion capture animations shown in the video are for demonstration purposes only and are not inluded in the pack. Scroll down to “Technical details” section for a full list of teh library.

❏ Main Features:

Fully Modular & Customizable:

⬩ Completely rigged & posable

⬩ Choose or blend between 8 different facial expressions

⬩ Choose between 4 different ethnicities

⬩ All weapons, attachments & wearables can be turned On or Off

⬩ Change & tweak materials, colors & textures on the fly

⬩ Choose from a wide range of designed outfits, motifs & logos

⬩ Endless possibilities with all these parameters


⬩ Low-Poly modern motorcycle.

Cinematic scenes:

⬩ 37 AAA cinematic example scenes.


⬩ Choose between Caucasian, Afro-American, Indian or Asian ethnicities

⬩ Skins, hairs, eyes, sclera, lips & eyebrows color can all be customized

⬩ Mix & match to create your own unique character

Blend shapes:

⬩ Create unique personalities by selecting 1 of 8 high quality facial blend shapes

⬩ Create unique personalities by mixing between those blend shapes

⬩ Blend shapes can be animated in the timeline & are great for film & cinematics

AAA Topology:

⬩ Super light topology, ready for high-end & low-end mobile devices

⬩ Clean & optimal edge flow, every vertex is carefully placed by hand

⬩“Dude” character has 8112 triangles & “Biker” character has 8361 triangles


⬩ Choose from a line of designed outfits

⬩ Choose from a collection of 172 designed schemes and skins

Material, Colors & Textures:

⬩ change colors & materials on the fly which is great for quick look development

⬩ Swipe between 1800 different materials to quickly change a character’s look

⬩ Select for a line of designed logos & motifs or make your own

⬩ Photoshop source files provided for full customization power

2 main Versions:

⬩ The pack includes 2 main versions from which all other variants derive from

⬩ The 2 characters share the same head but have different outfits & weaponry

Rendering Styles:

⬩ Works great with lightmapping, toon shaded, ink shaded & flat shaded styles

⬩ Works great with 3D textured shading, low-poly shading & anime shading

Minimal Versions:

⬩ Each character has a simplified minimal version of his persona

⬩ This version will work great with your minimal or abstract graphics


⬩ Works great with any kind of lighting scenario

⬩ Works great with both indoor and outdoor lighting

⬩ Works great with both static and dynamic lights


⬩ Works great with 3D, 2D, 2.5D, VR, AR, XR & isometric games

⬩ Works great with FPS, RPG, platformers & top-down games

⬩ Works great for film & animation

Heroes Villains:

⬩ Characters can adopt both good & evil looks

⬩ Characters come in protagonist & antagonist versions

Dual UV Channel:

⬩ All characters along their weapons and accessories come with 2 UV channels

⬩ UV channel-1 has collapsed UVs to be used with an optimized “swatch” texture

⬩ UV channel-2 has carefully unwrapped UVs to be used for texturing

⬩ Both UV channels are highly optimized and carefully created by hand


⬩ High quality Human IK rigg

⬩ Ready for all kinds of animations

⬩ Works great with both key-frame & motion-capture animations

⬩ Works great with games blend spaces

⬩ Works great with film & cinematic timelines

⬩ Great Free AAA mocap animation libarary available at MIXMAO

Seamless LODs:

⬩ Characters come with 4 high quality LODs created carefully by hand

⬩ LODs are miticulously made by hand have a very high quality

⬩ They are “pop” free for seamless fades between them

⬩ Note that the LODs are seamless for the 2 main character versions

⬩ If variants are used, a quick material remapping needs to be done for LOD1,2,3

Front & Back:

⬩ Characters look great from every angle, front, back, top and bottom angles

⬩ Characters look crisp & clear in all camera zoom levels

⬩ Meticulous attention to detail from head to toe including all accessories and weapons


⬩ Works perfectly with “POLYQUEST WORLDS VOL.1”

⬩ Both packs complement each other.

❏ Pack contents:

⬩ 185 accessories including weapons, equipments & wearables

⬩ Low-Poly modern motorcycle

⬩ 135 different environment assets so you can create your own worlds

⬩ 49 poses included covering a wide range of scenarios to tell your own stories

⬩ 172 different outfit designs, schemes and skins

⬩ Costume designs range from modern to Sci-Fi to fashion to military to fantasy

⬩ 23 fully equipped scenes with layout, cameras, lighting, FX & postprocessing

⬩ High quality and stylized fire and smoke effects

⬩ Pose transfer tool to rapidly exchange poses between characters

⬩ Material transfer tool to rapidly exchange material IDs between characters

⬩ Detailed and illustrated PDF guideline document covering project key points

⬩ 130 textures in all including 70 character textures with Photoshop source files

⬩ 1800 different characters, accessories and environment materials

⬩ 152 scenes in all including all screenshots scenes

⬩ Weapons, materials & topology screenshots scenes are not inluded

⬩ The pack doesn’t support URP

⬩ Switching to URP requires additional setup

⬩ Characters only use Unity standard materials

⬩ No animations are included in this spack

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