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Short Description:



PBR Rocks is a rocks package that you can use for desktop and also for mobile.

The package contains additional shader options, that allow you to customize the look of the rocks and to create unique rocks.

There are 3 variants of rocks. With moss, sand and snow. Each rock uses the same basic texture for all 3 variants. The difference is that they are blended with different textures and have different properties on materials, depending on the environment.


NEW! Added HDRP and URP Templates version 10.2.2 for Unity 2020.2.x or newer.

• Using the AG Global system you can control the snow/sand/moss amount both locally for each material and also globally on the whole scene.

• Albedo/NM/AO/Smoothness/Mask and Height maps for all the ground textures. The textures are compatible with CTS and MegaSplat.

Amplify Shader Functions included.

• Support SM2 on lower versions of the shaders (except DirectX9).

• High and mobile version.

• Only one atlas for the base texture on the mobile version.

• LODs for all rock meshes.

• High-resolution textures (4k).

• Support VR.

• Additional shaders with projection on the y-axis.

• High and low versions for shaders (PBR/Blinn-Phong).


Winter Environment – Nature Pack – Uses common shaders and scripts.

The Vegetation Engine – Conversion Presets.

Amplify Shader Editor – Full shader editing support.

Vegetation Studio – Instanced Indirect support.

Vegetation Studio Pro – Instanced Indirect support.

Nature Renderer – Procedural Instancing support.

RP Compatibility:

• Standard Render Pipeline 2018.4+

• HD Render Pipeline (HDRP) 5.7.2+

• Universal Render Pipeline (URP) 7.1.5+

• Lightweight Render Pipeline (LWRP) 5.7.2+


• HDRP/URP and LWRP templates.

• 3 Demo scenes for Unity Standard.

• 3 Demo scenes for the HDRP Template.

• 3 Demo scenes for the URP Template.

• 3 Demo scenes for the LWRP Template.

• 24 Unique rock meshes for high version.

• 24 Unique rock meshes for mobile version.

• 72 Rock Prefabs for high version (Moss/Sand/Snow).

• 72 Rock Prefabs for mobile version (Moss/Sand/Snow).

• 11 Nature Prefabs (Grass/Plants/Roots).

• 3 Particle Prefabs (Dust/Snow/Snow Storm).

• 9 Ground Textures (4K/4x4m).

• 3 Post-Processing Profiles (Standard/URP/HDRP/LWRP).

• 2 Detail Textures (2K).

• 6 Detail Meshes for high and mobile versions.

• 3 Unity procedural skybox presets.

• 2 Rock Shaders for Mobile (Lambert/Blinn-Phong).

• Versions of shaders compatible with instanced indirect by Vegetation Studio

• Versions of shaders compatible with procedural instancing by Nature Renderer

We have in plan to launch more Nature Pack assets in the future. We created the “Nature Pack – Common” folder to keep all common files in one place. This allows you to reuse scripts, shaders, and functions in all packages from the Nature Pack.

Content Nature Pack – Common folder:

• 2 prefabs for the AG Global system.

• 6 versions of shaders with top layer for Snow/Sand and Moss (Tree Bark/Tree Leaf/Tree Cross/Grass/Props/Detail Props).

• 6 versions of shaders without top layer (Tree Bark/Tree Leaf/Tree Cross/Grass/Props/Detail Props).

• 5 Scripts for global settings.

• 8 Shader functions.

• 3 Noise Textures that can be used for Global Tint Color.


You must keep one of the AG Global Settings or AG Global Snow (Limited) prefabs in each scene. When you create a new scene, make sure that you have an AG Global prefab in your scene.

Use only one AG Global prefab in your scene. Multiple AG Global prefabs are not supported.

You can find more about the AG Global system in the online documentation and also in this video.

For the HDRP template you can find the import steps here

For the URP template you can find the import steps here

For the LWRP template you can find the import steps here

PBR Rocks was tested using HDRP versions from 5.7.2 to 11.0.0. Keep in mind, the HDRP Template is currently still in development. The package can be non-functional with other HDRP versions. Please be patient, we will add new versions of HDRP in the next updates.

To get the same camera effects presented in our screenshots/trailer, you will need to import Post Processing Stack and set Color Space on Linear.

To enable the full support for instanced indirect by Vegetation Studio or procedural instancing by Nature Renderer please follow the documentation steps from Third-Party Support.

For more information, please check the online documentation.

For any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us at: contact@angrymesh.com

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