PBR Grass Flowers Pack – Published By ALP8310




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Asset Title: PBR Grass Flowers Pack

Publisher: ALP8310

Category: 3d, vegetation, plants

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This package contains a set of 30 highly detailed prefabs Grass,Flowers.

High-resolution SCREENSHOTS

************Grass,Flowers Texture Resolution:4K,some 2K*************


Polygons Mesh:64 tris to 1000tris

And some Mesh:1000 tris to 4000

***********Ground Texture Resolution:4K***********

This package contains:

30-Grass,Flowers Det

2-Ground Textures


1-post-processing profile


Do not buy this asset if you have already bought

European Vegetation Pack Two! Grass,Flowers

Vegetation content from European Vegetation Pack Two already included

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