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This package contains custom male and female UMA races for HDRP. This is the HDRP version of the Jane & John. UMA is required for this package to work.

In addition to features of Standard Pipeline version of Jane & John, HDRP version also has wrinkle maps for facial expressions.

Please note that content for other races (o3n Male & Female or base UMA male & female) will not fit this race. Content for Jane & John Standard Pipeline / URP may need small adjustments to their material to render correctly in HDRP.

Following assets are Included in this package. (After buying this asset you may navigate to those assets’ page and download for free)

o3n UMA Race Stunner Jane & John Content Creation Pack

o3n UMA Races Stunner Jane & John URP

How do I set it up?

– Please remember to add the o3n folder to UMA Global Library by selecting UMA Global Library Window and dragging the o3n folder to the drop area in the window.
– You can check the example scenes under o3n/UMARaces/Stunner/Scenes/ for sample usage.
– Race folders have Prefabs folders which contain prefabs that you can drag into your UMA ready scene (See example scene).
– (One time) Before running any scene, open Project Settings -> HDRP Default settings and add the diffusion profiles to the diffusion profile list, from the following path: Assets/o3n/UMARaces/Stunner/Materials/HDRP/DiffusionProfile
(Alternatively you can click the fix button next to diffusion profiles on the Materials those diffusion profiles are used at. This does exactly the same thing described above. Materials are st_HDRP_Eye2_Material and st_HDRP_Skin_Material )


– If you want to use Standard Render Pipeline then check the free o3n UMA Races Stunner Jane & John Standard Render Pipeline.
– If you want to use URP then check o3n UMA Races Stunner Jane & John URP.
– This package is set up to be used by HDRP.

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