⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Melee Warrior Animations – Published By Kevin Iglesias

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Download the FREE version here:

Melee Warrior FREE

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Asset Title: Melee Warrior Animations

Publisher: Kevin Iglesias

Category: 3d, animations

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Download the FREE version here:

Melee Warrior FREE

This animation asset is included in this pack:

Animations Pack Mega Bundle

This pack includes animations about fighting with 1 handed weapons (daggers, swords, clubs, hammers, axes), 2 handed weapons (greatswords, greataxes, big clubs, mauls), 2 handed long weapons (spears, polearms, staves) and shields. Perfect for strategy or role-playing games.

Animations list:


– Strafe left and right with each weapon (1 m/s)

– Walk with each weapon (8 direction, 2 m/s)

– Run with each weapon (8 direction, 5 m/s)

– Sprint with each weapon (8 m/s)


– Combat idle for each weapon style

– 5 Take damage per weapon style

– 4 Deaths

– Parry with each weapon

– Block with shield

– 4 Right hand attacks

– 3 Left hand attacks

– 2 Dual wield attacks

– 4 Two-handed attacks

– 4 Long two-handed attacks

– 2 Shield attacks

Includes simple scripts and documentation for retargeting two-handed animations and turn shield to a good rotation when blocking.

Sound effects used in the promo video made by Potion Audio. Not included with this asset.

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