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Total Game AssetsPresents
Low Poly Environment World


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Total Game AssetsPresents
Low Poly Environment World

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Asset Title: Low Poly Environment World

Publisher: Total Game Assets

Category: 3d, environments

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Total Game AssetsPresents
Low Poly Environment World

Create a standout stunning world and let your players step into your stunning vibrant stylish world with the help of this Asset Pack!
Take them on a journey with beautiful night time snow environment or epic post-apocalyptic world, Over 286 assets


Update 3

•Epic new post-apocalyptic themed assets to build up your low poly environment world library!
•Build an awesome apocalyptic base in the sun set in style.
•Huge update brings tons more assets to place in your worlds.


Update 2.2

•Update 2.2 Adds new modular road sections so you can build road networks in your maps.
•New prop models and prefabs
•New snow demo scene


Update 2.1

•Update 2.1 brings new assets and a new set of snow assets + a demo scene


• Drag and drop prefabs to your scene to get beautiful results in any game. PC and mobile friendly
• Updates with new models coming soon.
• More than 174 different models and Prefabs.
• All models use one single texture 1024×1024
• Texture Atlas and 1 Material for very efficient performance on mobile.
• 8 Demo scenes, including lighting settings and post processing profiles
• Sunrays VFX included
• Falling leaves VFX included
• Snow VFX included
• Fire VFX included
• Mobile ready Assets

Prefab set up and ready to go, just drag and drop into your games.


Featured in Polaris V2 – Low Poly Terrain Engine
Low Poly Terrain – Polaris V2


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