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Asset Title: Lordenfel: Castles & Dungeons RPG pack

Publisher: Mana Station

Category: 3d, environments, fantasy

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Lordenfel is a powerful environment pack designed to build castles, fortresses, ruins and dungeons.

It comes with modular parts and complete presets like towers, fortress walls, gates, and dungeon rooms that drastically reduce the time it takes to build levels.

It also includes natural assets like rocks and vegetation so you could have everything you need to start building impressive scenes.

Supports DunGen and Dungeon Architect – “First-person dungeons” theme.

Requires Unity 2019.4 and up

Includes Built-in, URP and HDRP versions

Suitable for all camera views from 1-st person to top-down.

Recommended for PC/Console platforms.

Not recommended for mobile platforms.


• Over 500 high quality, game ready assets
• Game ready demo scene
• Fortress walls
• 20+ tower presets
• 30+ dungeon rooms
• Presets for DunGen and Dungeon Architect
• Modular parts work with default grid snapping
• Complete nature set:
Trees, bushes, ferns, grass, ivy, plants and roots
Rock pile, rocks, cliffs, mountains
• landscape materials: Grass, Ground, Rocky Ground, Rock and Snow

Vertex Count: from 4 to 12000 per mesh
LODs: generally 2 for each asset

Screenshots and demo are made in HDRP using real time lighting*.

Known issues:

* It’s hard to get baked GI. GPU Lightmapper falls back to CPU which takes too long to process the scene.

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