Humanoid 3D Charactor_P05_Aki & Mika

The 3D model (Humanoid Rig) girl ” P05_Aki & Mika ”

Made by Blender


1. 3D Models at humanoid with Materiais.

2. “Unity-chan!” shaders.

Sex: Female

Rig: Humanoid


Model “Aki” Total : 38779

Model “Mika” Total : 39137

Model “Aki_ASTRO” Total : 40391

Model “Mika_ASTRO” Total : 38169

Bodyonly : 17639

Texture Resolution: 1KTextures


For Facial x 51

Breast size control x 1

HairBangs x 1

Used asset

“Unity-chan!” shaders.

Dynamic Bone
Magica Cloth

In this model, “DynamicBone” and “MagicaCloth” components are applied to the hair, chest,Skirt.
Even if there is no asset, it does not affect the basic operation.
Please judge the import arbitrarily.

Model data excluding DynamicBone and MagicaCloth components is also included in the package.

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