⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Eternal Temple – Published By Mana Station

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Ruins, Modular, first-peson, top-down, Adventure, FPS, RPG, Environment, Environments, Topdown, Temple, dungeon, HDRP, URP

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Top-Down | Top-Down | First Person | FP Dungeon


HDRP and UPR (Unity 2019.4 and above)

Built-in PC and Mobile

Top-Down and First Person views

Indoor and Outdoor areas


-Over 200 architectural parts

-Presets of buildings and ruins

-Fortified walls and gates

-Trees, grass an ivy

-Cliff formations

-Lanterns and torches

-Props (furniture, planks, barrels etc)

-Basic system of hiding view blocking objects

-3 Demo levels (top-down, first person dungeon and outdoor)

-Atlassed textures for Mobile and URP

-2048×2048 for most textures

-2 LODs

-HDRP and UPR versions for Unity 2019.4 and up 

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