Deadly Dungeon – Mayan Ruins – Published By Runemark Studio

Create an atmospheric expedition to Mayan ruins and let your players explore ancient tombs and fill them with puzzles,


Modular, history, PBR, aztec, Undead, Fantasy, dungeon, Ancient, columbia, tribal, mexico, Jungle, Adventure, Ruins, photorealistic

Short Description:

Create an atmospheric expedition to Mayan ruins and let your players explore ancient tombs and fill them with puzzles, deadly traps, and hidden treasures. Deadly Dungeon – Mayan Ruins is a thematical 3D environment asset, containing everything you need to create the mystical ruins of Mayan, Aztec, or similar ancient civilizations.

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  • Symbolic pieces to tell your story
  • Free blueprints
  • Modular workflow with 90+ prefabs
  • Asset recommendations
  • Works with Built-In, URP, HDRP

Chaac, the rain god

The package contains the symbolical stone mask of Chaac that you can use to give uniqueness of your scene and set the mood for your player. You can also find smaller pieces of this mask to break and explode this element through gameplay. 😉

Chaac strikes the clouds with his lightning axe and produces thunder and rain. Chaac corresponds to Tlaloc among the Aztecs.


The package contains 90+ prefabs.

  • 33 basic structures: floors(10), walls(13), stairs(10)
  • 1 doorway with 3 door options.
  • 6 pillars and 21 trims for decoration
  • 6 premade mask sculptures and 10 mask parts to build your own.
  • 8 debris
  • and more.

Free Blueprints

To help you quickstart and save you even more time, we designed 6 building blueprints for you. Each comes with a bit of background story that you can use to base your idea.

  • Ruined Entryway
  • Crumbled House
  • Noble House
  • Mayan Pyramid
  • Abandoned Shrine
  • Temple of Chaac

Downloadable scenes

The package doesn’t contain the scenes from the speed level design videos, but you can get them here.

Asset Recommendations

We carefully picked assets (vegetation, characters, sounds) from other creators that are guaranteed to work well with this package. Read about recommended assets here!

Manually tested in the following Unity Versions

2020 LTS and 2021.2.5f1 versions, both in Built-In, URP, and HDRP.


Perfect for any game genre, including:

  • FPS games
  • Third Person games
  • Top-Down games
  • Adventure
  • RPGs
  • Rogue-like
  • Souls-like
  • Survival games
  • Fantasy games



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