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Colonial City Pack

Do you need to make city blocks and city environments? Co…


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Colonial City Pack

Do you need to make city blocks and city environments? Co…

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Asset Title: Colonial City Pack

Publisher: 3DShapes

Category: 3d, environments, urban

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Colonial City Pack

Do you need to make city blocks and city environments? Colonial City Pack is perfect to do it! Inspired by colonial architecture, a town was created, with high resolution PBR textures to get that AAA feel for your games. It contains many high quality Props, and each of them has a prefab with their own material. Objects are all optimized and game ready. Now you can build highly detailed colonial town alleys and streets with unique buildings and props in your game.

Main Features:

– Package contains over 60 prefabs.

– Over 25 unique Buildings Assets: Houses, Parks, Hotels, Thermoelectric, Churches, Museums, Theaters, Movie, Bridge.

– Over 10 foliage props to help fill the scenes out:

Nature Starter Kit 2 is a free Unity art package that I used to complete the scene. If you like this pack, check out
The package contains a handful of objects to start creating outdoor scenes!

– Lot of high detailed and optimized unique street and environment props (Signs props, Lighting props, City street props, Park props, Ground props, Trees and Brushes)

– Change buildings and houses materials easily.

– Textures maps for each object: Diffuse Map, Normal Map, Metallic Map, Ambient Occlusion Map (2048×2048)

– As an added bonus, it comes with a full demo scene showing off the assets.

If you would like to see more of my work– please explore my models set! https://assetstore.unity.com/publishers/42318

I intend very much. I hope you like it. Please rate and review this asset. Your honest review and rating will help me know that I’m on track. Enjoy and thank you for purchasing. Need help? Don’t hesitate to contact me. Best regards!!!

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Send me an email at: annaabileva23@gmail.com

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