City Builder: Collection One (URP) – Published By ReversedInt

URP Only – Free Upgrade – HDRP Version


Modular, Environment, new york, bundle, City, Kit, Realistic, Sci-Fi, japanese, cyberpunk, Building, Japan, urban, URP

Short Description:

URP Only – Free Upgrade – HDRP Version


Discount: None

Asset Title: City Builder: Collection One (URP)

Publisher: ReversedInt

Category: 3d, environments, urban

More Details about this asset:

URP Only – Free Upgrade – HDRP Version

Marketing material captured using the HDRP package.

HDRP and Built-In version is available with a free upgrade path.

3 packages with a combined prefab count of 370 prefabs for URP

Included in this bundle:

City Builder: Urban + Mega Props: Urban

City Builder: Urban contains 2 packages totaling 178 high-quality assets designed in a new york style for fast and affordable city creation.

City Builder: Urban 2 Japan

City Builder: Urban 2 is a high-quality asset designed in a Japanese style for fast and affordable city creation.

PLEASE NOTE: This asset contains textures that use the rising sun as a pattern in its artwork (Easily editable). Altho this pattern is still widely used in Japan and other countries, some people may find this offensive in Korea, China, and other Asian countries.

City Builder: Cyberpunk

City Builder Cyberpunk is a high-quality asset pack designed for quick Cyberpunk style city building

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