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Desktop Version


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Desktop Version

Desktop Version

Mobile (perfect strategy playmex version) Version

The best Blackjack Game in the Unity Asset Store is now even better! Check out our all-new version with new PBR textures, 3D table, animations, UI and much more! Easy to customize and make your own.


– 3D table with amazing PBR textures

– Reset credits buton

– Volume buton

– Info panel

– Shuffle animation with movable draw point

– Min and Max function

– HDRI reflections

– Chips and cards are all movable

– Movable draw point and discard point


– Blackjack pays 3 to 2

– Dealer stands on 17

– Insurance pays 2 to 1

– Double allowed

– You can split only once

– Even money allowed

Free Assets Included


This asset uses DOTween (HOTween v2) for Unity under MIT/X11; see Third-Party Notices.txt file in package for details.


The cost of this template includes all features and rules stated above. For any custom design requests, rule changes or general questions about changes to the template, please contact us for a custom quote via our website


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