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Demo Page

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Asset Title: Bird Flock: Seagull

Publisher: Unluck Software

Category: 3d, characters, animals

More Details about this asset:

Demo Page

Bird Flock: Seagull is a easy to customize drag and drop bird flock prefab. The birds can now also land on landing spots, and will avoid obstacles.

• Scripted flock with many customization options
• Includes a skybox
• Simple UV map, easy to change texture
• 236 tris model
• 2048x2048px max texture resolution

Update 2.3
• Added C# scripts
• Improved scripts (Release notes)

Update 2.2
• Added Sound Script and Sound Effects

Update 2.1
• Added Obstacle Avoidance

Bonus Features

• Easy to set up landing spots

• Includes feather particles

★ Upgradeable to Bird Flock Bundle

Compatible with Unity 5.1 up to new versions of Unity(2020+)

available for assistance if any problems should occur.

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