GUI PRO Kit – Simple Casual – Published By Layer Lab

GUI PRO Kit – Simple Casual is finally Released!

GUI PRO Kit – Simple Casual :


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Short Description:

GUI PRO Kit – Simple Casual is finally Released!

GUI PRO Kit – Simple Casual : Web Demo

◼ Key Features ◼

It provides two sample types, light and dark modes, and consists of basic icons needed for the game.

• This is a GUI skin that comes with a layout demo scene and Prefabs.

• There is a Light mode and a Dark mode, and there is a common GUI.

• A Pictogram Icons and an Item Icons are provided together.

• Sliced elements, White elements : Size and color can be customized.

(Coding and animation are not included.)

◼ Assets ◼

• 2700+ sources as PNG

• 340 pictogram icons (64×64, 128×128, 256×256, 512×512)

• 150 unique item icons (128×128, 256×256, 512×512)

• Fonts included

* Important : Not included editable files. (PSD, SVG, etc)

• Prefabs

Buttons, Frames, Labels, Popups, Sliders, Toggles, UI_Etc, DemoScene_Panels

• DemoScene

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